This “Invasion of Love” series that will be comprised of three books, will create a brand new
“invasion movement” in the world. The book you are holding in your hand is the 2nd book of this
series and it is your second step…
This is an adventure of two heroes that share the same soul-case… One of them is a kid
fearing the darkness, and the other one is an adult whose dreams have been ripped out of his heart.
When the darkness falls upon the playground, the children of the world hear the cry for help. They
close their eyes and begin to tell a tale. “THE BREATH” is not a tale book, but the book of a tale… That
is the truth of tomorrow… The ink of this book is your mirror. It indicates the places where to find
magic, to those who are looking for. As you turn the pages, you will acquire superhuman faculties,
and will build your own hero. The methods within the book has been designed for your awakening –
from practices you can exercise alone to partner practices, from coding your cells to healing the
sicknesses, from the 3rd Eye activation to shaping your future, and from communicating with the
plants/animals to mind reading…
When this book reunites with your life…
You will rise the sun that darkness has stolen from your eyes, in your own heart…
Within a “moment” that is shorter than blink of an eye, and longer than infinity.
You will make a history, not by warring those without, but making peace with yourself…
Never give up on your dreams!
Because only the heart of a dreamer can be brave enough to revolt against the atrocity of
this world…
Love and bravery hardly ever exists in the same chest-cage
For some, the heart is a burden… They are right. But all entire “meaning” is hidden within
that burden.
You set forth the ‘path’ to be a porter of the love… You feel it in your very soul at each step
you take. Winds whisper a gospel to your heart: My wholepiece the Time for Steeping is here and
Our burden is heavy, our path is long…
We have a tale to tell to the crying children…
Are you ready?

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