“Kindness” comes into the world along with each child who is born… The child is simply kind. And at the most
genuine and purest state…
I know.
Your inner voice is saying, “But there are also children who are unkind.”
Yet a child’s heart is not unkind. It is just that some children have learnt to behave so.
“Kindness” is the child’s nature; its most fundamental constituent. It is unchangeable; indestructible. And the child is the
adult’s nature.
Look around you…
Everyone you love, everybody you know have wounds… People are unhappy… It seems as if we have
forgotten what matters more. The greatest price paid by the adults who give away their happiness and time in
exchange for money may be the one they pay by betraying their nature.
In fact, this is a vicious cycle… Those who are hurt, hurt others in turn. When you take a look at the history
of mankind, you would see that those who have spread the greatest cruelty to the world come from a similar
background with those who have been the most helpful.
What kind of a world do you think would we be building if we keep hurting someone else in turn each time
we get hurt?
Consider it again if you wish. Feel it, indeed…
What if you challenged this vicious cycle now? What if your friends did the same thing, too? And, even many

What would happen then?
“Kindness as science” lays the science of disabled people, of people struggling with diseases, of patient’s
relatives, of nature, of animals and of kindness bare through many scientific studies. All your wound will shout,
“People are mean! Keep your guard,” to you. With each page you turn, your mind will enthusiastically embrace
the study it sees, saying “I knew it!” And your heart will whisper its own truth once you finish reading the book:
“People are kind!”

After you start living in accord with the science of kindness, even some of your
treasured friends may think that you are a “dreamer.” They may also criticize you in their
illusion of being realistic. Do not ever argue with or turn your back to them. Keep in mind
that by coming down on you, they are actually calling for help. Be even nicer to them. Until
they remember their own nature…
As you read this book, you will feel that the movement of kindness named “all forms of
kindness” will start with you… Now is the time to shout out your true nature…
You have always been told, “Help others, it will be good for them.” What if I told you that you are actually
helping yourself by helping others? Reminded you that kindness is not a choice, hobby or a gesture but a need,
indeed? A need not just of those who receive the kindness but of those who act in kindness as well…
Please do not close the book after you read the scientific studies explained in it: Take action!
When you touch the life of another, you touch the lives of many…
“All forms of kindness” will be a unique series which touches all areas of life step by step… It
will lead to a great movement of kindness… We have done our part and taken the first step by writing
these two books. Now it’s your turn to take a step to change the world…
“All forms of kindness” is a movement of kindness which does not have a leader and is blind
to attributions… Within this movement, indiscriminately all people, many educational institutions,
valuable NGO’s and diverse corporate structures shall unite. We could have different opinions on
any matter but kindness…
We should allow kindness by refraining from judging any steps taken in the name of kindness…
Because we believe that:
“Everybody should be given the chance to be kind…”

Do you want to change the world?
Start with yourself.
You do not need to look away to find kindess. Just
take a step, no matter how small it may be.

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