Metin Hara is with you with the “Alchemy of Love” which is the third step of the long-awaited Invasion of Love.

Condition of Participation: For participation “Welcoming The Inner Self” should be completed.

Step 1: Meaning

  • Source of Infinite Power
  • Awakening (Practice)
  • Confrontation with Dark and Light (Practice)
  • End of Duality
  • Four Great Truths
  • Philosophy of Tao
  • Water Element (Practice)
  • Awakening of the Heart (Practice)

Step 2: Beyond Time and Space

  • Liberation in 4 Steps
  • Superego (Practise)
  • Taking the Power of the Past into Action (Practice)
  • The Use of Ki Energy Beyond Time and Space (Practice)
  • Parallel Universes
  • Paradigm Jump
  • Meeting With You in the Future (Practice)
  • Awakening of the Heart-Imagery (Practice)

Step 3: Psychic Abilities

  • Holographic Body Scan (Practice)
  • Labeling Meditation (Practice)
  • Holographic Energy Technique (Practice)
  • Psychic Surgery (Practice)
  • Air Element (Practice)
  • Awakening of the Heart (Practice)

Step 4: Purification

  • Liberation From Judgments (Practice)
  • Mind Map (Practice)
  • Liberating Now (Practice)
  • Purifying in 9 Steps (Practice)
  • Tao InnerSmile (Practice)
  • Clairvoyance Activation (Practice)
  • Energy Visualization Exercises (Practice)
  • Awakening of the Heart-Imagery (Practice)

Step 5: Confrontation

  • Mirror
  • A Liberatory Exercise
  • Tibet Sunset (Practice)
  • Awakening the Abilities
  • Transformative Power of the Alchemy
  • Transforming the Form of the Matter (Practice)
  • Fire Element (Practice)
  • Awakening of the Heart (Practice)

Step 6: Construction of the Heart

  • Energy Visualization and Alchemy (Q/A)
  • Time/Money
  • Dream Map
  • 0-100 Fact
  • Parallel With the Imaginary (Practice)
  • Follow the Magic
  • Soul Satisfaction (Practice)
  • Awakening of the Heart-Imagery (Practice)

Step 7:  Enlightenment

  • Toglen (Practice)
  • Finding the Spirit Animal (Practice)
  • Enlightenment
  • Earth Element (Practice)

Step 8: Eternity

  • Walking on Broken Glass (Practice)
  • Oneness Meditation (Practice)
  • Master Salutation
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