What is Trusthuman Extreme?

As a result of normalization accepted in today’s societies, people have started to live as one type, causing unrest and unhappiness in many places in this world.

Trusthuman Extreme is the philosophy of expanding the limits that are considered normal.

According to this philosophy; the more one can expand his or her own mental limits, the more liberating it will be. As a result of this emancipation, he will begin to live like himself. It will provide peace and happiness firstly, then socially and ultimately worldwide.

Trusthuman Extreme has been created to support the philosophy of “A Different World is Possible.” 

How does this philosophy come to life with Trusthuman Extreme?

This philosophy is brought to life through various experiences that you can have with the educated and experienced trainers of Trusthuman Extreme team. Only a few of these experiences are presented below:

  1. Breaking resistant bricks in one move.
  2. Walking barefoot on a fire of embers in the range of 1450 °F
  3. Walking barefoot on top of broken and sharp pieces of glass.
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