No matter whether you have experience in spiritual studies or not, no matter what age you are… During the training, you will begin from the scratch, you will gradually learn new methods, and learn how to turn your life into a play dough… You will shape yourself and your life, you will be able to use your life energy (chi), and you will learn to heal yourself and others with colors… At the end of this training what you will have learnt will be remarkable. This transformation is conducive to questioning what you have thought or rather have assumed to have known so far. You will learn how to change your perception and focusing towards yourself and your life. You will take a step toward remembering who you really are.

Are you ready to let go of your judgements?

“When man gets liberated from the captivity of his mind, the concept of impossible cannot exist.”

Metin HARA


Step 1: Forgetting What We Know

  • Brain Waves
  • Perception Management
  • Travelling Between Brain Waves (Practice)
  • Power of Thought (Practice)
  • Beyond the Limits of Mind

Step 2: Introduction

  • Activating the Energy Centers in the Palm (Practice)
  • Introduction to Chi (Practice)
  • Directing the Chi (Practice)
  • Sharing the Chi (Practice)
  • Establishing Neuron Connection (Practice)

Step 3: Realizing the Power

  • Energy centers in the body
  • Activating the energy centers (Practice)
  • Moving the Chi in the body (Practice)
  • Awakening the Master Within (Practice)

Step 4: Awakening the Facilties

  • Using Chi Energy
  • Exercise with Chi Balls (Practice)
  • Transition from "US to "ONENESS" (Practice)
  • A Different World is Possible
  • Establisihing Neuron Connection (Practice)

Step 5: Balance

  • Occasions Where We Lose Our Balance (Practice)
  • 4 Balance Law
  • Finding the Energy Leak-Reclaiming (Practice)
  • Balance Exercise (Practice)

Step 6: Breaking the Ties

  • Feeling Bundles
  • Cleaning the Past Meditation (Practice)
  • Journey From the Captivity of the Past to the Mastery Over Now
  • Feeling the Energy Body (Practice)
  • Diagnosing the Blockades in the Energy Body (Practice)
  • Establishing Neuron Connection (Practice)

Step 7: Familiarize with Your Body

  • Body- Mind- Soul Correlation
  • Mental Reasons for Illness
  • Person to Person Healing ( Practice)

 Step 8: Going beyond the limits

  • Ruling over the Matter with the Power of Thought (Practice)
  • Establishing Neuron Connection (Practice)
  • Finale