“There is no truth other than the truth within. Anything other than that is what others tell you.”

Metin Hara

It is high time you have given the greatest of all treasures that is “yourself”

Now is the time you turned within, to the “Self”.

In this process, you will accept yourself, learn to love yourself, find the child hidden within and communicate with it, heal your inner world and remember how to change your own world.

You will experience oneness consciousness and begin to shape your life.

Not: Thus, only those who have completed “Overcoming the Illusion”  can be accepted.


Step 1: Emerging from the Cocoon

  • Pattern knowledge
  • Realizing the patterns
  • Challenging
  • Welcoming the Inner Self (Practice)
  • Meditation

Step 2: From "Us" to "The One"

  • Cellular Memory
  • Chi Balls (Advanced) (Practice)
  • Coding the Physical Body (Practice)
  • Princibles of Group Meditation
  • Crossing the Limits of Body (Practice)

Step 3: Healing

  • Holistic Approach
  • Principles of Healing Methods
  • Healing Practice (Practice)
  • Meditation

Step 4: Mastering the Mind

  • My mind is Losing the Control!
  • Mastering the Mind
  • 100 Minutes Silance (Seclusion)

Step 5: Living in the Now

  • 3. Eye Activation Level 1 (Practice)
  • The Significance of Now
  • Time-Heart Correlation
  • Eating Meditation
  • Energy Vampires
  • Dramas
  • Protection Methods
  • Challenge (Practice)

Step 6: Shaping the Future

  • 3rd Eye Activation Level 2
  • Time
  • Manifestation
  • When the Seed Falls
  • Focusing
  • Creating Emotional Anchoring
  • Meditation

Step 7: Back to the Nature

  • 3rd Eye Activation Level 3 (Practice)
  • Communication with Nature
  • Welcoming our Tree (Practice)

Step 8: Telepathy

  • Stopping the mind
  • The door of the heart (Practice)
  • Mind Reading Experiment (Practice)
  • Meditation
  • Farewell